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stakeholder-beneficiary Quarterbacks work hard to expand the effectiveness and reach of our partner organizations. That means our partners are able to expand their impact and deliver essential services to their beneficiaries in a more efficient and effective manner. In the end, it’s all about social impact.


stakeholder-employer Quarterbacks stand out among their peers. As current or prospective employees of some of the world’s largest and most prestigious employers, they are developing the critical skills to execute, achieve, and lead the business community into the future.

How should employers view Quarterbacks?

MBA-seekers have the option to do nearly anything with their pre- and post-MBA career breaks. Quarterbacks are tackling challenges inside a variety of nonprofit partners in their “down time.” These are the MBAs that stand out for their professional zeal, entrepreneurial outlook, and strong ethical standards. Quarterbacks are the active, innovative, and engaged employees employers dream about.

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As an employer, can we get involved with Quarterback?

Quarterback curates two things: 1) high impact professional development opportunities and 2) a group of results-oriented optimizers, our Quarterbacks. As such, we welcome approaches from employers that have interest in Quarterbacks, want to provide feedback or love the concept and want to discuss potential partnership.

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stakeholder-education Our proximity to the growth and development of professionals during their MBA years is no accident. Quarterback provides the opportunity to bring new contexts into the classroom and to refine newly-minted skills for the board room.

How should MBA programs view Quarterbacks?

We work hard to place top-performing professionals from the private sector into engagements which suit their existing skills, but also push them to learn and develop new skills. It’s important to keep in mind that Quarterbacks complete the program at their individual election–these are the self-starter, socially-grounded students that take ownership of their careers.

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How does the Quarterback program relate to education?

At a 10 weeks in length, these engagements provide hands-on experiential education at the executive and board level within nonprofits. Quarterbacks tackle items ranging from organizational change to business and funding models and other c-level challenges–all in a live environment. Quarterbacks have the diversity of experience to add a unique perspective to the classroom and the agility and drive to represent your institution in the boardroom.

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