2017 Applications Are Closed.

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We curate the most impactful roles in social innovation.

We seek out the most promising organizations across the social sector and work with them to co-develop the most compelling and high-impact projects for our MBA-focused program. Our screening process ensures every engagement features the below attributes to build your skills and expand your experience.

Strong Ownership

Engagement(s) that demand strong ownership from the Quarterback. This allows them to pursue a wide range of strategic options and use a variety of problem solving tactics, as well as evaluate the challenge from their unique professional perspective.


Engagement(s) that are central to the ongoing development or evolution of a Partner’s key initiatives, or programs. This includes directing or evaluating strategies, probing for shortcomings, and providing data-driven recommendations.

Brand Building

Engagement(s) that will impact the organization’s brand by expanding reach via marketing, expanding thought leadership through research, crafting and strengthening perception, and building support through initiatives.

Business Judgment

Engagement(s) requiring the synthesis of available or collected data and the Quarterback’s own analysis into meaningful business insights. The insights will then inform the implementation of a strategy, project, or key initiative.

C-Suite and Board-Level

Engagement(s) requiring the Quarterback to work at the highest level of the organization. Quarterbacks will report directly, seek approval from, present key findings, and provide recommendations to the executive management, board of directors, or both.

High Visibility

Engagement(s) that put the Quarterback in a position of high visibility in the marketplace or among internal and/or external stakeholders. Quarterbacks have an opportunity to develop and demonstrate thought leadership.


Engagement(s) that are formative in the successful operations of the organization, key initiatives, or programs. This includes directing or evaluating their effectiveness, efficiency, or scalability against newly-established metrics and measurements.

Career Relevance

Engagement(s) utilizing the skills and frameworks applicable in some post-MBA positions in the private sector. This presents simple translation into relevant experience for careers in consulting, investment banking, or general management.

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