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At Quarterback, we’ve designed comprehensive programs providing unparalleled professional and personal development opportunities for MBAs. We transform challenges faced by nonprofits into opportunities for MBAs to make an impact, develop skills, and do it all in a career-compatible 10-week format, fitting into pre- and post-MBA summers.

The Experience
The Program
The MBA Design
The Differentiators

Are you a top-performing professional seeking an MBA?

Quarterback is designed for you and offers unique opportunities to:

  • Own a game-changing, world-bettering project
  • Work in direct partnership with a high-potential nonprofit
  • Expand your network to include other top MBA candidates, alumni, and industry leaders
  • Enhance your “career story” with differentiated experience
  • Maximizing ROI on your MBA?

    Our offering.

    Our exclusive portfolio of projects range from earned income pricing strategies, to international business and partnership development. We’re confident Quarterback will supplement your professional prominence, enhance your classroom command, and build your boardroom bearing—all through real-life experience.

    programlogo-summitMeet your peers from across the country and expand your network in a unique, impact-focused environment. We’ll gather key Quarterback stakeholders to collaborate and learn. This first event of its kind will consist of facilitated networking, keynote speakers, and cutting-edge practitioner-led skill development.
    programlogo-mentorshipEstablish a new relationship with a dedicated mentor. Leverage their expertise to propel you to new solutions, help you troubleshoot and guide you to novel approaches. By the end of your engagement, you will have a new champion that’s familiar with your work product, dedication, and impact.

    Interested in this kind of professional arbitrage?

    Designed for you.

    That’s right. Quarterback was designed for results-oriented professionals pursuing their MBAs.

    Pre-MBA Professionals

    Demonstrate your interest in a new career by taking on one of our high-impact projects. Gain new skills and exercise old ones in a new context! Network with other MBA candidates outside of your program, and join a selective alumni network before even completing your MBA. It’s time to fill the “impact gap” in your career and take on responsibility for the greater good.

    Post-MBA Professional

    Add a capstone to your MBA experience. A high-impact project central to the strategy or operations of a high-potential nonprofit organization can cement your track record of success. Leave your mark on an organization as you take ownership of a game-changing project and put your new skills on display. Plus, you’ll join yet another selective alumni network.

    Career breaks: the ideal time to give a quarter back!

    Want to optimize your career break for the greater good?

    We’re different.

    What Makes Quarterback Different? You’re involved at the C-suite and Board-level of decision-making. Our nonprofit partners commit to their projects with the full support of management—so you can rest assured that your contributions will be valued. What’s more, you’ll get the visibility and recognition commensurate with your work. This means you can vastly expand your network of champions with experienced professionals occupying the board roles of leading nonprofits.

    We have a diverse project portfolio. Some organizations can only offer certain projects because they’re beholden to a certain mission/cause. We’re focused on making an impact, but bring a wide variety of causes under one roof. Similarly, we offer intensive projects that leverage varied skillsets and experience–far from a cookie-cutter experience.

    We advocate for your impact. Before, during, and after you’ve made your impact, Quarterback’s interests are aligned with your own. We support your unique contributions under our banner. In the same way that the strength of a MBA programs’ alumni establish their pedigree, so do your achievements establish ours. Simply put, our success hinges on yours.

    We’re focused on implementation. As a professional, you know the proof is in the pudding. Fulfilling your job description isn’t enough–it’s the results that are the achievement. That’s what differentiates you. Our projects include hefty implementation goals and management buy-in, so you can get the real experience lacking in short-term or part-time volunteering programs.

    Ready to add impact to your portfolio?

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