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2017 Application Basics

Program and Eligibility

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2017 Application Basics

How do I become a Quarterback?

Apply! Quarterback is a selective program that takes the best and most promising applicants and empowers them to #tacklegood. This year, we’ve already launched our application process. You can apply today here! To view some examples of our game-changing projects, download our past years’ portfolios here.

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What is the application process and timeline?

The application process is as follows:

Application Period: Now closed.!

Application Deadline: Thursday, May 18th, 2017

First Round Interviews – Upon review of applications, eligible applicants are selected for interviews. After you’ve applied, we will set up a time to get to know you, hear your professional accomplishments, and learn more about your motivations to become a Quarterback in a behavioral, conversational interview.

Second-Round Interviews – In some cases, we may do a second-round interview. This allows us to get clarifications, discuss different skills, or just learn more about your background.

Partner Round Interviews – Quarterback passes along a slate of the best candidates to our partner organizations who will then conduct final interviews with those candidates. You will be notified to set up a Partner Round Interview if you’re on the slate. In some instances, Quarterback may join these calls.

Final Interview & Selection – Our partners make the final selection of their Quarterback! We believe they are best suited to make this decision. Culture-fit is an important part of working in this space. We do, however, provide oversight and recommendations to our partners during this stage. If you have advanced to this stage, we will provide you all the information you need to quickly schedule an interview. We anticipate these interviews will take place the week of May 22-26.

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Do I have a choice in my engagements?

Yes! Quarterback is built on mutual excitement, something we can only achieve if we’re taking your preferences into account. During the Application Period, you apply to Quarterback with a universal application (covering all engagements), but will have the opportunity to indicate your preference for specific engagements in the portfolio, once it’s released. We never place you in an engagement you are not interested in. If you’d like to learn about past projects, you can find them here: past engagements.

Our 2017 Engagement Portfolio is publicly available on our Opportunities page, so you can review and select engagements you’re most passionate about and fit your skills best. We strongly recommend applying early and selecting multiple engagements.

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Can I apply to multiple engagements?

Yes. We encourage you to select 3+. Because of the competitive nature of the program and interviews revealing additional details about these real-life projects, you might find yourself as a candidate for several engagements. Keep an open mind and bring your excitement!

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Program and Eligibility

What type of time commitment should I expect as a Quarterback?

Quarterback engagements are all 10 week, full-time pursuits. Assuming a Quarterback works 40-50 hours per week on their engagement, each engagement results in 400-500 hours of experience at the highest levels of the nonprofit sector. Considering you can’t find these opportunities anywhere else, that’s priceless.

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Are Quarterback positions paid?

No. Participation in the Quarterback program is done exclusively on a volunteer (uncompensated) basis. However, Quarterbacks receive considerable value from the program not only in experience, exposure and social impact, but also via networking and feedback. We do reimburse limited travel and out-of-pocket expenses related to the engagement.

Special Note for Mid-MBA Participants: If you are pursuing Quarterback as an internship between your first and second year of business school, you may be eligible for financial support specifically set aside for social impact or nonprofit internships. Contact your career services and/or social impact center to learn more.

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Who is eligible to be a Quarterback?

Individuals preparing to lead the impact economy. Quarterback was designed from the ground up with MBA-seekers in mind. Our 10-week format is career-friendly and is designed to fit into the summers immediately preceding an MBA program, between years one and two of an MBA program, or following graduation from an MBA program.

Our prior participants have come from top MBA programs across the country, including Harvard Business School, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and others. Nearly all of our applicants come from top 20 MBA programs in the US and top institutions around the world.

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I’m not an MBA, am I eligible to be a Quarterback?

If you are interested in becoming a Quarterback but don’t fit into the aforementioned categories, you’re still welcome to apply, but please note that our resources and engagements are principally geared for our MBA-seeker applicants.

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