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[Complete] The Reset Foundation – Strategy Development for Program Expansion

As a Quarterback working with The Reset Foundation, a revolutionary nonprofit that provides an alternative to prison where young adults work obtain a high school diploma and secure a job, you will develop a career training strategy and implementation plan. By developing this strategy, you will be leading the integration of a central, but underdeveloped, principle of Reset’s interventions into the core of their inaugural residential campus and curriculum launching in 2015. Upon close of the program, your recommended plan will put The Reset Foundation in a strengthened position to continue their mission of upending the status quo of the justice system with their cutting-edge approach to preventing recidivism.

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[Complete] Sana – New Organizational Structure for Rapid Growth

As a Quarterback serving Sana, a healthcare technology and education nonprofit incubated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), you will design a new organizational structure to meet their unique needs as they scale across three initiatives: education, technology, and innovation. Upon completion, you will, in large part, have determined how Sana will organize its resources and employees in order to deliver information-driven health interventions worldwide.

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