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[Complete] Points of Light – Leading Cross-Sector CSR Research and Innovation

As a Quarterback joining Points of Light: Corporate Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to providing corporations with the tools and expertise to enact, measure, and engage volunteer programs aligned with their corporate social responsibility goals, you will play an instrumental role in driving the exploration of value generated by and accrued to companies via their volunteering programs. By leading a cross-sector research collaborative convened by the Corporate Institute and A Billion+Change, you will work with corporate and nonprofit leaders to develop measurement and benchmarking tools and best practices for integration into corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environment, social, and governance (ESG) evaluation and reporting standards.

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[Complete] UP Global – Leading Global Exploration of “Thriving Communities”

As a Quarterback serving UP Global, a wildly innovative nonprofit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, grassroots leadership, and strong communities all over the world, you will lead their newest thought leadership initiative: thriving communities. Using UP Global’s strong international and domestic connections, you will explore what makes for thriving entrepreneurial communities and begin the development of a benchmark by which to evaluate and ultimately build these communities. Your contributions will build on work by The Brookings Institution, Kauffman Foundation, and Harvard Business School and could potentially have repercussions in global policy, investment, and diplomacy decisions.

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